Ramblings of a Struggling Writer

Title: Ramblings of a Struggling Writer (Part 1 of ?)
Author: Liz (gaurweth)
Beta: none
Rating: R?
Genre: Humour
Pairing: None
Warnings: language
Disclaimer: My own ramblings, read at your own risk.
Summary: What happens when you start writing everything in your head in reckless abandon?
Word Count: 2,502
Critique welcomed: Sure.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I am sorry I have been inactive. So much going on right now I can't even begin. I should start with Happy Be-lated Birthday YOU. You are an amazing person and even if I may never know you personally, you've been a light for me. Thank you.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my darlings.
I love you all.

I started my day with the YFC concert and I'm very glad I did. Today will be a beautiful day if you let it be. I love you all. It needed to be said again.

"Close your eyes.
Feel your soul.
All for love.
Show your heart."

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Carve from me the flesh you desire
Let the cold blade part the skin
Let the blood flow in mock tears down my cheeks.

Pierce my lungs with my own ribs
Whisper your secrets and spill my blood
Watch the life fade from my eyes

Leave me hanging on your wall
Another trophy, another triumph
Another soul damned

By: Liz 04/12/10
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[Public] Sales Post

Unfortunately with me moving, funds are required and space must be made. T^T

Everything here is in great condition unless otherwise stated.

Prices will be under the images and do not include shipping. I'll need your zip to calculate that.

You can click on all the images to make it bigger.

Bone Vol. 1-7
$40 as a set or $7 each.

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Feel free to PM me or comment here to make offers. Thank you guys for looking!

That Boy is a Monster (One Shot)

Title: That Boy is a Monster (One Shot)
Author: Liz (gaurweth)
Beta: none
Rating: NC-17?
Genre: Romance, slight humour, and umm I have no clue.
Pairing: You/Gackt/You
Warnings: language, mild smut, m/m love, and somewhat AUish in the beginning.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: You meets Gackt at a bar and everything changes for him.
Word count: 1,347
Critique welcomed: Sure.

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[Public]Wishlist A.K.A. Pipe Dreams of Awesome!

Since I was pressed for one, here it is. Do I expect anyone to get me anything from this list for me? Oh no. No, no, no, no. no, no, no. I know they are expensive and/or hard to find and/or down right impossible to obtain. I would not do that to you, my friends, oh no. But this is a wishlist after all. Also this is posted way late anyway. XD I made this public since the person who pressed me to make this does not have an account on Livejournal so I'll be lazy and just link her to this.

01. Get car all nice and ready for the big move to NY. (Oil change, alignmenty things, car stuff, ugh)
02. Have enough money for the gas to get to NY and the hotel cause as MUCH as I'd LOVE to get there in one day, s'not gonna happen.
03. Be able to get all my stuff to fit in one or two cars and give dad what ever I can't sell. (THANK YOU ANGIE FOR SAYING YOU'LL COME WITH ME!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!)
04. An MP3 player so I have music for my drive up to NY since my stereo/radio in my car does not work and has NEVER worked in the time I have owned it. Silence is nice, but for 1463 miles? I want to not be crazy when I see my mom XD
05. Money to send mom so she has enough to keep warm this winter. (Woodstoves are amazing with the heating so long as you have wood for it... more ughs)

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More Realistically Speaking and VERY Much Loved:
01. Fanfic
02. Fanart
03. Virtual hugs and kisses
04. A nice email
05. Things that don't cost my friends a penny
06. A high quailty download of Gackt at the Asian Music Festival in Korea on Sept. 19th 2009 singing Redemption
07. Popcorn... yeah don't ask XD

Edit: Also... cheap gloves and a cheap ice scraper for my car. My good lore its COLD! (Currently 19 degress in Oklahoma of all places!)

For Your Entertainment (One Shot)

Title: For Your Entertainment (One Shot)
Author: Liz (gaurweth)
Beta: None
Rating: NC-17
Genre: No clue
Pairing: You/Gackt
Warnings: language, smut, m/m love, and very tame bondage.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Maybe just the plot.
Summary: You is in a rare mood after a Gakuen event.
Word count: 1,032
Critique welcomed: Sure.

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